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Acupuncture, having a history of several thousand years, is the stimulation of sensitive and powerful acu-points around the body with filiform needles. These needles are painless, thin, sterile and composed of surgical stainless steel. Patients who are initially concerned about the intensity of acupuncture are often surprised and relieved by how easy and painless the experience really is. Points are chosen around the body based on the pathways of meridians and the flow of vital energy. Modern science believes that the positive effects on health are achieved by stimulation of the nervous system which in turn regulates the immune system, hormone function, causes pain reduction and so much more.

Each acupuncture session lasts for about one hour, and the needles are in place for approximately half of this time. Acu-points can also be activated by massage and pressure, heat application and moxibustion. Moxibustion is the burning of certain medicinal herbs close to a point with the intention of using heat as a point stimulator.




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