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what to expect

Depending on each person's individual needs, a treatment session can involve anywhere from one to several of the specialty techniques, and lasts up to one and a half hours. Patients often benefit most from a series of weekly treatments, and positive results are often experienced anywhere from the first to the sixth session. When conditions resolve and patients feel stabilized in their new sense of wellness and health, monthly or seasonal visits are recommended for tune ups and to maintain the healing trajectory. When working with chronic, severe or even life threatening conditions, a more intensive treatment approach is applied, and as always, the patient is encouraged to communicate frequently and openly with their Western medical provider.

Whatever the case may be, even patients with no specific medical condition can gain profound benefits in all areas of their lives, as increasing energy, boosting immune function, reducing stress, and providing a radiant sense of well being are gifts that will never be wasted.





  Paul Kempisty
   MSTOM. L.Ac.

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