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a holistic approach

Health is one of the single most important things in our lives. When we don't have it, we want it back. And when we do have it, we always want more! It is for this reason that all cultures have always placed so much value on the role of their ancient healing traditions.

What type of medicine can make sick people well again, and give well people the experience of vibrant health?

We know that our physical health is not defined by single organs, hormones or functions, but by the sum total of all the body's parts and processes. The idea of holistic approach extends to the balance of body, mind, emotions and beyond. Providing truly integrated health care requires the balance of total body health, psychological balance and spiritual upliftment. For this reason, the combined use of techniques such as acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, and Reiki provides powerful tools to work synergistically on our entire being. And each single technique speaks to us personally and provides sufficient focus to help us heal on each individual level.

And for you?

Acupuncture and botanical medicine are the cornerstones of this practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine provides the philosophical and theoretical basis for the application of these and various other healing modalities. Our aim is to provide a number of treatment options that allow each patient to have their health care individually tailored to their needs, expectations and preferences.




  Paul Kempisty
   MSTOM. L.Ac.

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