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In the media:

link Paul Kempisty Published Article:
The Evaluation of Hemodynamics Provides a Theoretical and Clinical Link Between Traditional Chinese and Contemporary Western Medical Oncology Practice.

Learning to Love Acupuncture

The Seleni Institute

Platelet Disorder Support Association. PDSA

Charlotte's Book. Skincare. Anti-Aging. Nutrition. Wellness

Experts share their skin secrets

Paul Kempisty in Harper's Bazaar

Paul Kempisty in Vogue Magazine's Style.com

Acupuncture 101: Interview with Paul Kempisty


Alternative and holistic health resources:

Dangene. The Institute of Skinovation

High Vibe. An outstanding vitamin boutique

Enfleurage. Source for wide selection of medical grade essential oils

Tracie Martyn. Holistic skin care and facials

Eastern and Western medicine:

Dr. Barry Cohen MD. Internal medicine

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Dr Eileen Hoffman MD. Internal Medicine

For further reading, please visit the following links:


The National Institutes of Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) website (search WHO website for `acupuncture')


Acupuncture Today. News Source

Large format polaroid photos by Caroline Chiu, produced at the Polaroid 20 x 24 studio of New York city


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